Increasing patient engagement requires being a digital leader in healthcare.

A decisive roadmap that leverages scalable content architecture and mobile-first experiences is allowing Premier Health to lead in an era of exceptional change.

Openfield Creative is helping this growing, five billion-dollar healthcare system to form the long view of how they can best use digital touch points across the entire organization.

Since 2011, we have been engaged with Premier Health on a variety of high-profile marketing and communications projects — from strategic planning and design at the corporate level, to detailed implementations across their four major hospitals and more than 100 partner locations.

As Premier Health began evolving from a partner network to an integrated system, we began to reimagine their digital presence at a corporate scale, while leveraging and highlighting their physical assets.

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Throughout more than six years of collaboration, we’ve helped Premier Health reach critical goals that have set the foundation for continued innovation and growth.

  • Evolving guiding principles set measurable strategic benchmarks
  • Winner, Award of Distinction for Best Mobile Communications – 2016 eHealthcare Leadership Awards
  • 23 service lines, 74 sections and 1,500 pages aligned across all sites
  • Responsive sites are more than skin-deep, a rarity in this industry
  • Unique monthly sessions increased tenfold in two years

We started by articulating the parallel paths of change influencing the landscape surrounding Premier Health.

Graphic of change planning

In a few short years, public attention on the ACA has shifted from patient access to patient protection, and will now focus on quality and costs. Major shifts in technology and design trends have contributed greatly to the complexity of healthcare communications.

As with all healthcare organizations, the landscape surrounding Premier Health has evolved significantly in the past five years. Premier Health has evolved from an affiliated set of partners to a robust, unified healthcare system, and the recently launched Premier Health Plan offers a preview of a fully integrated, modern healthcare system. During the same period, the science and technology behind marketing has advanced significantly — we’ve quickly moved from desktop to mobile-first experiences, and the omni-channel engagement marketing era is already underway. Anticipating where these paths may lead provided critical context for building well-grounded strategies that allow Premier Health to make stronger connections in the digital space.

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Guiding Principles — strategic bedrock amidst turbulent waters.

Graphic of evolving principles

To help navigate the rapids of ever-changing content, technology and design advances, we created a reliable set of touchstones to guide growth and measure progress in key strategic areas.

The output of a multifaceted discovery and strategy process that included numerous stakeholder interviews, extensive industry research and collaborative workshops, Premier Health’s Guiding Principles are now an indispensable growth tool. They act as a roadmap to move the organization from it’s current state to the desired future (or aspirational) state across multiple top-level objectives, and include details for projects that represent baseline, progress and advanced implementations.

Graphic of brand principles over time

A scalable information hierarchy unifies the structure of every Premier Health digital property, across B2C, B2B and B2B2C channels.

The adaptable content framework of Premier Health sites is built upon the premise of serving audiences in different states of mind.

Graphic of brand

With a corporate site, four hospital sites and numerous additional properties, we established a structural mechanism that drives consistency of experience while supporting the needs of visitors with different motivations.

  • Each site supports users in tiers: those looking to address immediate needs, those looking to better themselves and those looking to Premier Health for thought leadership.
  • We conducted an extensive content audit of 23 service lines representing over 1,500 pages across multiple sites.
  • Over 75 state-of-the-art Content Guides were created to focus and guide the rewriting of every service line.

All of that strategic and architectural work paid off with a fully responsive, mobile-first rebuild of Premier Health’s corporate and hospital sites.

Photo of Premier Health website on devices

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