Audience insights and understanding sales cycles lead to huge ROI.

This is a story about identifying an opportunity to rise out of obscurity and onto the short-list. It’s also about insane ROI.

Something amazing is happening every night while you sleep. Top retail destinations all over the globe are being renewed overnight. It’s a highly orchestrated thing of beauty that requires a vast network to work in unison until the last fixture is set and the doors reopen.

As Planes Specialized Logistics prepared for a decisive move in this market, they tapped Openfield to help them transform the way they sell.

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Observation: Planes Specialized Logistics was, in effect, a startup within a century-old Midwest-based moving and storage company.

Very few in the world of high-end retail logistics even knew their name. The challenge was clear: "How do we convince A-list global brands that a relatively unknown team in the heart of the Midwest could get it done?"

By modernizing the selling culture at Planes with a four part solution:

  • New brand identity that positioned Planes as a world-class player.
  • Redefinition of the concept of Specialized Logistics.
  • New online and offline presence designed to deliver ongoing success stories.
  • A new kind of sales tool that allows the team to create personalized web presentations directed at individuals and companies.
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First up: create a new brand experience.

Planes assembled the people, the process, the network and the equipment to enable major rollout projects all over the globe. They needed to look the part.

The challenge was demonstrating that Planes was not only a great choice, but the best choice to help the world’s most sophisticated retail, hospitality and museum companies.

Planes logo
Planes branding
Planes logo design progress
Tracking closely behind the brand was a new responsive site and content management system. The site tells the Planes story in a fresh new way that stands out from the competition.
Planes responsive website on multiple devices

Visit the new site at

Two people using Planes website on devices

Based on customer insights and a deep dive into the sales process, we reinvented customer engagement tools.

It’s hard out here for a sales team. What if they could generate personalized presentations that could be sent out via branded, trackable emails? What if they could know exactly when prospects opened them and clicked through?

Yes, we made that. And it worked brilliantly.

  • 52% emails opened.
  • 58% click-through rate.
  • Over 8 minutes per visit.
  • 130 new leads.
  • 31 new bid lists.
  • All in 2 months from launch.
Planes sales tool on ipad

The results are overwhelmingly positive. The impact on the selling culture is what’s truly astonishing.

  • Planes reports 23x ROI in the first 7 months since launch
  • Buyers at national and international brands reacting positively by adding Planes to bid-lists
  • Planes credits the Online Sales Tool with helping to change the culture of selling
  • The new CMS allows their marketing team to update site content within minutes
  • New brand architecture serves as template for additional divisions coming online

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