What’s keeping your team up at night?

From vision to execution, we’ve lived through just about every type of challenge that threatens to keep you and your team from reaching the goals set forth by your organization.

About Openfield

Since our founding in 2006, Openfield has been helping organizations achieve outcomes by planning, creating and delivering stellar user experiences for the web, apps and software. We are a crack team of research, UX and UI design experts with a highly honed process that clears the way for better understanding, planning and execution.

People We Help

Companies that invest in UX are widening the gap between themselves and those who don’t.

We know you’re juggling a number of key initiatives to increase revenue and reduce expenditures, but, you may not feel like you’re moving quickly enough. If you’re wondering how an investment in UX can have an immediate impact, we’d love to talk.

Top pain points that we help alleviate

Identifying the risk of not moving quickly enough to launch or improve products

Right-sizing your investment in UX to enable immediate impact

Increasing your team’s bandwidth, velocity and ability to make confident decisions based on research, data and facts.

Maintaining and growing your user base by anticipating and understanding what they really want

It’s a challenge to manage multiple products and initiatives at various stages.

We know how difficult it is to balance the needs of your stakeholders while guiding product owners and engineering teams who must navigate the minefields that come with real-world executional challenges. We’d love to share how we’ve helped teams work smarter and faster to achieve better outcomes.

Top pain points that we help alleviate

Utilizing research, data and facts to ask the right questions to anticipate and understand what your users truly want

Removing process barriers that keep your team from fully realizing the vision of your stakeholders

Establishing and communicating realistic budget and timeline expectations that eliminate friction between stakeholders and product teams

Reducing costly reworks through better MVP and roadmap planning

We understand the role of a product owner is one of constant compromise that can feel overwhelming at times.

Not everyone understands how difficult it can be to be caught in the crossfire of everyone from stakeholders to engineering, not to mention the constant need to ensure that everything built inspires user delight. We’d love to share how we’ve helped others like you look like rockstars.

Top pain points that we help alleviate

Choosing the optimal research and testing methods that will enable confident decisions based on research, data and facts

Defining, organizing and prioritizing requirements into MVPs and continued improvement cycles

Releasing the best possible product in the face of immense budget, time and resourcing pressures

Managing the bazillion details that clear the way for engineering to be successful

More than ever, leading marketers are turning to UX pros to make stronger connections with consumers. And, they are increasingly responsible for contributing to the overall experience of the product itself.

It’s a tall order. The processes for marketing and product development are very different. We’d love to share stories of how we’ve successfully bridged the divide between both worlds.

Top pain points that we help alleviate

Conducting and interpreting UX research that will enable great brand experiences and effective communication of benefits and value

Balancing the responsibility of storytelling with the need to contribute to the improvement of the product itself

Implementing shifts in process to help your team adopt best practices of digital product development

Your team is ready to answer the call.

Yet, nothing is more frustrating than knowing your team could have been heroes had they been given the opportunity to collaborate on important decisions at key junctures. If you’re nodding in agreement, we should talk about how we’ve advocated on behalf of engineering teams.

Top pain points that we help alleviate

Ensuring your participation at the planning table to help craft a realistic plan for success

Reducing the cost and time your team spends on unnecessary rework through better MVP and roadmap planning

Implementing guidelines, standards and other tools that speed production and close the gap between design and engineering