Guaranteed Parking, by Design

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For the savvy traveler, happiness is a reserved parking spot at the airport.

The new Fast Park & Relax online reservations system and site extends the company’s position as the leader in customer service. The comprehensive redesign surfaced new insights, delivered a consumer-validated mobile-first design and added fresh supporting video and other communications assets. It’s a new milestone in the journey to reduce the stress of travel.

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The results are compelling

This fresh and innovative system enables a new level of engagement with Fast Park’s customers. They are actively using reservations and expressing their excitement for future feature releases.

  • New revenue enabled via reservations system.
  • Immediate reservations on day one. Sustained reservations since launch.
  • Successful first-month adoption across rewards program.
  • Increased customer peace-of-mind knowing spots are reserved.
  • Frequent, positive customer feedback.
The top-to-bottom redesign positions Fast Park for a new era of brand expression in which the user experience has more impact on customer perception than ever.

The reimagined digital experience is a tangible expression of a brand known for its unparalleled peace-of-mind.

Parking Company of America, a privately-held company operating 14 Fast Park & Relax airport locations in major US cities, had a vision to lead by creating a new digital experience that meets the needs of sophisticated travelers. Brand tenets are captured and expressed throughout all features and content. The voice of the user has been heard — and answered. And, a process for frequent updates has been established.

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Research. Ideate. Prototype. Validate. Repeat.

The client came to us with a goal to create a new reservations module on their site. Openfield Creative led an effort to help them uncover opportunities over the entire arc of their customer experience.

Our research armed us for the Ideation phase, where we created and refined a customer journey map that continues to serve as a roadmap for our client and our UX team. For the new site, all aspects from simple location and pricing information to their well-established Relax For Rewards program and information-rich travel blog were rethought, prototyped and validated.

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An extensive list of new and upgraded capabilities was established and then executed in an intuitive, mobile-first digital experience.


  • Relax for Rewards loyalty program members or guests can create and modify reservations including specific applicable amenities such as covered parking, FastCharge EV charging, Handicap and others.
  • This new functionality is especially useful in high-volume markets like Atlanta, Orlando and Houston, where parking is limited.
  • The Fast Park admin team can adjust reservation and cancellation fees, create unique rates for each location and set different rates for special offers. And, they can close reservations when lots reach their capacity.
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Virtual Member Cards and Rewards Redemption

  • Users can now scan their virtual cards from their smartphone. Say goodbye to the physical card!
  • Rewards members who may have business and personal accounts can register multiple cards in one place.
  • Customers no longer have to print and carry paper certificates for free days.
  • We greatly improved the user experience for tracking and redeeming points.
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Early validation of design prototypes enables us to make critical time- and money-saving adjustments.

By talking with real users, we can remove assumptions and biases that can lead you down the wrong road. Our UX team conducted user testing with Fast Park customers throughout the design process. We developed test criteria and resulting scores allowed us to fine-tune key features throughout the site.

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We supported Fast Park’s marketing and PR teams by creating videos to help customers understand the changes as the launch date drew near.

Our work on client products makes us intimately familiar with their content and business goals. That intersection allows our talented team to create content — in this case, videos — that help customers reacquaint with the brand and familiarize with new features.

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A successful launch is where the journey begins, not a final destination.

Today, any digital product product requires continuous care and feeding. Developing a cadence for the long haul is critical. Consumers have a low tolerance for digital staleness.It’s a relief for clients to know that they don’t have to include everything in the initial release. You can pace yourself and take advantage of the knowledge gained through customer interactions over successive releases. Our work with Fast Park continues as we help them map and execute on the roadmap that was created.

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