Enabling more meaningful conversations with doctors and surgeons.

The Centurion Enterprise Sales App is a visually-rich, interactive tool that delivers insight and gets results.

The Centurion iPad Sales App delivers insights that transform conversations about price into ones about value.

In healthcare, a well-made product can be the difference maker when it comes to outcomes. Simply stated, CMP makes better products. But, how do you sell better, and marginally more expensive, products in a cost-conscious environment?

By changing the conversation.

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Openfield helped CMP implement a value-based, insight-led approach through its national sales team by imagining an iPad app and supporting ecosystem to engage and inform potential customers.

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With the app fully deployed in the field, the sales pitch is no longer about price. Centurion reps are finally free to focus on value by delivering insights focused on the bottom line.

It works because the customer is immediately engaged in interactive features that focus on their organization’s data.

Each survey question is a combination of Evidence Based Insights with corresponding References. Survey questions are interactive sliders that naturally invite participation from the potential customer to input values reflecting their hospital’s situation.

Survey results sustain the dialog between the salesperson and the customer while ensuring accuracy and quality of the data.

The cost assessment reveals the scope of the customer’s problem and shines a light on the impact on spending. Higher restart rates associated with inferior competitor products lead to inefficiency and increased risk of hospital-born infections, which cost the customer money. Moving the dial counter-clockwise, the Restart Rate is reduced increasing savings.

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Not all buyers are created equal. The strategy: Show them their waste in real-time.

Centurion came to us with a vague idea to create a web-based calculator that could support independent market research that they had commissioned. Openfield recognized the opportunity that an app, in the hands of Centurion’s national sales force, could be a much more robust real-time presentation tool that had the power to pry open doors with buyers.

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We’re helping CMP envision and achieve three specific business goals with the new sales app:

1. Engagement – creating a more meaningful conversation.

The app is a professional connection point that makes it easier for the salesperson to engage with materials and nursing managers, as well as other key representatives within the facility.

=Photo of man using Centurion app

2. Data Collection – tracking and sharing information gathered in the field.

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Every time a salesperson interacts with a representative from a healthcare organization, there’s an opportunity to collect and store that information.

3. Learning – recognizing patterns within the data and realizing new insights.

The CMP sales team is armed with a wealth of information and tools to communicate real value to potential customers.

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To achieve these goals, we envisioned, designed and built a scalable technology ecosystem.

The Estimator App – the centerpiece of the solution.

It can accommodate multiple Centurion products. It’s the campfire around which the sales person and hospital representative share a meaningful exchange that combines evidence-based insights with real customer data to deliver compelling new information in the form of an estimate. The estimate reveals opportunity costs and potential savings in both dollars, and tangible equivalents such as nursing hours for each product under consideration. The resulting estimate can be sent to the customer as a custom-formatted PDF.

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The Admin Portal – monitor and control.

The web-based Admin Portal allows CMP management to monitor and control all aspects of the ecosystem including the ability to tailor existing product estimators (and prototype new estimators) in the native iOS app without the need to recompile and redistribute. The portal also provides access to enterprise device management tools and the ability to issue iPad-based push notifications to communicate with the sales team in the field.

The Support Hub – backup for everyone.

The Support Hub is a web-app which complements the Estimator by facilitating communication among CMP’s sales and corporate teams. These teams can collaborate on best practices for insight-led sales, share experiences, access support forums, user guides and Centurion product information including white papers, videos and industry research.

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The Data Repository – captures all interactions.

Every estimate for each Centurion product in the Estimator App is captured. This includes data shared by the customer and a copy of the custom PDF created. This data can be analyzed to reveal competitor pricing, regional labor costs and other factors that can be a valuable source of new insight about positioning Centurion’s own products.

MDM – Mobile Device Management & Help Desk.

Centurion IT required a solution that could be implemented with minimal footprint and impact on existing IT infrastructure and resources. An MDM was deployed so that iPads can be dynamically managed in the field. In addition, a wide range of additional device information can be tracked and used to augment data collected and tracked by the Estimator application.

A Help Desk was established to help sales team members unfamiliar with iOS devices. Knowing that a help desk is a phone call or email away eases any resistance for day-to-day usage.

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Lightbulbs go off when customers learn that they can afford the industry’s best product, without increasing their budgets.

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